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Jul 02, 2014

HELLO EVERYONE!! My name is Whitney and I am a wife and a mother to 3. I started this blog as a hobby and to document this time of my life. Please visit my first post to see my whole crazy, full, stressful, obnoxious, silly, happy... so on and so on... life!









Disclaimer: I know my grammar isn't correct. I know I have typos. I know not everyone has the same views as me. I know not everyone parents like me. I respect everyone for their views and lifestyles and do my best not to judge others. I would love the same respect from all y'all who want to follow my life with me!


A blog of my world with a husband and children. Self esteem boosters, rants, celebrations, tips and tricks that may help you through your day. Even if it just makes you smile for a moment.


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